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A unique and beautiful addition to any home, Quay Hoang's hand made light shades are perfect for interior lighting.



• Silk*

• Viscose*


• Epoxy coated wire frame available in sizes ranging from 100mm to 700mm diametre. Light shades can be made to any height.

• Suitable for all UK and European light fittings

• *Hand dyed and treated with a flame-retardant chemical


Care instructions:

• Suitable for indoor use with a low energy & low temperature bulb

• Keep away from water and extended exposure to sunlight

• To keep the shade clean, simply use a hairdryer on a cold temperature to blow any dust away

• Removal of large pieces of dust or debris is best done with a pair of tweezers

• Keep upright at all times to avoid creasing of the threads

• The threads on the shade are extremely fragile so please handle with care. Hold the shade by the inner ring at the top.

Get in touch to find out more about commissioning a light shade for your home or office.

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